Driving Lessons in Maidstone

Driving Lessons Maidstone Kent

Centrally located in Maidstone, 1st Miles with Smiles has been providing quality driving lessons in Maidstone at affordable prices since 2003, and has an enviable record for 1st time passes.

About Us

All of our instructors are highly experienced, many of them with over 20 years experience, they are patient, will not shout, but will push hard to get you through your test as quickly and as cheaply as possible. indeed most of our students achieve a pass in an average of 20- 25 hours, saving around £400.00 against the national average cost of learning to drive.

Our Aim

Our aim is simple, to deliver high quality driving lessons, at affordable prices, whilst teaching you not only to pass the test, but to be able to drive safely, confidently, and to survive on the roads, for many safe and happy years of motoring.

Your first lesson

For complete beginners, you will be  picked up from your chosen location, that could be home, college or any where you choose, Your instructor will then drive you to a safe place, our aim in the first lesson,is to get you in to a safe comfortable seating position, and then to explain the safe and correct use of the car controls, to get you to move away and stop safely on the side of the road, we like to get you into 2nd gear, and finally we teach you how to steer correctly. Your instructor will then drive you to where you wish to be dropped off.

This format gives a good solid foundation for your 2nd and future lessons, we also provide you with a record card to chart your progress.

We will provide you free of charge with the latest theory training aids to assist and enhance your learning experience.

Special needs and nervous students

Here at 1st miles with smiles, we pride our selves on our ability to build student confidence our instructors really inspire confidence in students that often think they’ll never be able to drive.

We also have a proven track record with students that may have problems with dyslexia and dyspraxia to name just 2 of the conditions we are use to helping people over come.

International license holders

If you hold an international license, then under British law you are allowed to drive on that license for 1 year after which you will need to pass a British test to continue driving legally.

At 1st Miles with Smiles we have specialised in training people from all over the world to pass the test and drive safely on England’s roads, despite some times having a language barrier, or the more nervous disposition that learning to drive in what is not your native homeland can cause.

Give us a call we promise a patient and understanding instructor to help you take those all important first steps.

Theory training

At 1st miles with Smiles, apart from supplying all our students with the latest theory training aids, if you really can’t manage the theory our Training officer will for a set fee give  unlimited 1-1 theory training until you pass, this will also include assessing students for and arranging a 1-1 theory exam if necessary.

New Driving Test

For any one taking the Driving test after the 4th October 2010, it is important that you have a really experienced instructor as the new test comes in to effect that day. This involves a new section of the test known as “Independent Thinking”. Here at 1st Miles With Smiles we are all geared up and ready for this change make sure you don’t get caught out call us today.

Refresher courses

Not driven for a while ?

At 1st Miles with Smiles we have the answer, its not unusual for us to get enquires from people that haven’t driven for years 20 years is not unusual may be your partner all ways drove what ever the reason we normally find around 4 hours of lessons is enough to get you back up to scratch.. Normally a couple of hours confidence building followed by taking you on the journeys your most likely to make on a regular basis and then finished off with some motorway training.

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course is designed to hone your driving skills, and cut the accident rate, amongst newly qualified drivers. There is no test associated with the 6 module course but insurance companies offer discounts for those pupils that complete the training.

Automatic Lessons

Are you a more mature student ? or perhaps of a nervous disposition ?
Then automatic could be the answer, far easier to master – Automatic normally takes less lessons therefore saving you money and time here at 1st Miles With Smiles we have 2 highly experienced Automatic Instructors who will be only to pleased to guide you to that Pass.


Price lists

Manual                                                      Automatic

£ 23.00 per hr                                                        £ 23.00 per hr

10 hrs advance payment £215.00                    10 hrs advance payment £ 215.00

Refresher lessons £21.00 per hr

Motor way tuition £21.00 per hr  minimum 2 hrs  automatic or manual

Pass plus course £ 125.00

Theory unlimited tuition until you pass £150.00

Intensive courses  price subject to assessment

Part 2 training   £ 25.00 per hr minimum 2 hrs

Part 3  remedial training £ 25.00 per hr

Complete instructor training package on application.




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